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Rotor Spinning Heater

Technical Data:

Model Pasteurizing Temperature Generated Power Price
RSH 5.5 from 60℃ up to 95℃ 5.5kW 6500€
RSH 7.5 from 60℃ up to 95℃ 7.5kW 7000€
RSH 9.5 from 60℃ up to 95℃ 9.5kW 7800€
RSH 11.5 from 60℃ up to 95℃ 11.5kW 8400€

Rotor Spinning Heater is integrated in the Pasteurizer.


For pasteurization. Applies direct heat to liquids without the use of a heat-transfer surface.

Homogenize the product with the best functional properties.


  • Allows pasteurization at high temperatures for extended periods of time without cleaning.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • No need to buy homogenizer.
  • No need to buy boiler for hot water.
  • Prolonged work time of the pasteurization before stop for cleaning
  • Saves money, energy, water, chemicals and labor.