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Standard Milk Pasteurizer

standard milk pasteurizer with cooling by dion engineering

Technical Data:

Model Capacity Heating Temperature
PMS 200 RSH 200 l/h up to 95℃
PMS 500 RSH 500 l/h up to 95℃
PMS 1000 RSH 1000 l/h up to 95℃
PMS 1500 RSH 1500 l/h up to 95℃
PJ 2000 RSH 2000 l/h up to 95℃
PJ 3000 RSH 3000 l/h up to 95℃
PJ 5000 RSH 5000 l/h up to 95℃
PJ 10000 RSH 10000 l/h up to 95℃
By request By request up to 95℃




For continuous pasteurization of milk.
For the pasteurization of milk with cooling.
The pasteurizer can be used for production of fresh milk, cheese, yogurt.
The pasteurization stops the vital activity of pathogenic forms of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, brucellosis and heat-resistant bacteria.


from 200 l/h up to 10 000 l/h


  • No need to buy steam or gas boiler for hot water.
  • Plate heat exchanger by GEA Germany.
  • Compact design for minimum workshop space.
  • Low price and low maintenance cost.